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Red Delicious Apples
Red Apples


    The Levantis family has run, since 1945, an agricultural enterprise handed down from father to son, involving four generations. This enterprise has been dedicated to the cultivation and processing of apples. Over the years, we have built on the acquired experience gained by its actual members and that of its predecessors, always adhering to the local advice as well as that of experts in the orchard at large. This expertise has contributed to our obtaining a quality product and diverse species which carries our trademark, KASTOR MELINA.

Fuji Apples
Frutteto Melo

     This fine outcome can be attributed to the renewal of our orchards through the use of young plants and respecting market demand. Moreover, we have built a high-tech refrigerator with a selector that is capable of processing and preserving apples to its maximum potential.

      We offer, above all, a genuine, quality product while respecting those it is addressed to our consumers. Finally, besides marketing on a wide scale, KASTOR MELINA is also at the disposal of those who wish to buy directly from the producers to the consumers.


Diradamento melo,  Apple Thinner
Golden Delicious
Kastoria Greece


     Kastoria is the capital city of the county of Kastoria, located in the region of Makedonia of northwestern Greece. Built on the peninsula that enters Lake Orestiada, it stands at 669 meters above sea level. KASTOR MELINA  is situated in the village of Tichio of the municipality of Vitsi, which lies at an altitude of 669 meters above sea level, at the foot of Mount Vitsi, just a short distance from Lake Orestiada of the city of Kastoria and 6 km from the city center.

       This location and mild climate form an optimal environment for the cultivation and production of the so-called "mountain apple".

Kastoria Grecia
Red Delicious Apples
Apple Orchard
Harvest Red Apples



Red Delicious


Golden Delicious


Granny Smith 


Golden Apple
Red Apples
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